What is Herm & Lo™?

Herm & Lo™ was born out of Herman Moore's love of fun, innovation, and creativity.

Unraveling A Unique Tale of Brotherhood and Brilliance and longtime friend and teammate, Lomas Brown! Each Herm & Lo™ piece can be displayed as art, memorabilia, or simply a conversation piece at home or at tailgates.

Herm & Lo™ | Unleash Legends' Creativity

Legends Meet Creative Brilliance

Discover the exclusive world of Herm & Lo™, where the enduring friendship of NFL legends Herman Moore and Lomas Brown melds with unmatched artistic vision. Our limited edition collection of caricature blankets, available in just 100 pieces each, epitomizes the splendid blend of football, artistry, and deep-rooted camaraderie.

A Tribute to Detroit Lions Fans

This collection is designed to celebrate and entertain fans, capturing the long-standing bond between Herman Moore and Lomas Brown. Each blanket vividly displays their individual personalities, a nod to their enduring partnership both on and off the football field.

32 Teams, 32 Unique Caricatures

Our special series presents 32 distinctive caricature designs, each representing an NFL city. Whether you're a dedicated fan or simply in search of a one-of-a-kind collectible, Herm & Lo™ has something for every enthusiast.

Unveiling The NFL's Artistic Masterpiece

Witness artistry like you've never seen before. Every Herm & Lo™ blanket serves not just as a comfort piece, but a tapestry of storytelling, interweaving the NFL's iconic moments with the timeless bond shared by two gridiron greats. The visionary genius of Herman Moore prominently features, offering both fans and collectors a harmonious fusion of sports memorabilia and sophisticated art.

Limited to 100: Embrace Rarity

Our collection goes beyond mere exclusivity; it's a masterpiece in rarity. With a cap at 100 for each design, these blankets stand as tokens of prestige. They offer an entry into an elite group of collectors who understand and cherish the authentic value of singular NFL memorabilia, making each blanket a piece of history that resonates with dedication to the sport.